We are inspired to help teens find social opportunities. We created a tool that lets teens who may be struggling with such difficulties to be informed of events and overcome social barriers. Many teens would benefit from our website that gives them insight into interesting events that they have the ability to search for themselves. Our main goal to make teen oriented events more accessible.

What it does

Geovent empowers users to find events by keyword and location. It utilizes data from 3rd party API's.

How we built it

We began developing the website through Neocities and transferred to Cloud9 where we then collectively developed the features and design using Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. We combined data from various sources utilizing 3rd party API's. We integrated a search feature that offers real time updates to keep the user informed of events that are occurring now and in the near future.

Challenges we ran into

Having minimal to no experience with front and back end coding as well as integrating the ideas of all team members were the main difficulties we came across. The time restraint only added to the challenge by applying more stress and forcing our team to make quick and calculated decisions in a small span of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we're proud of the advancment of our knowledge of coding, as well as the development of Geovent.

What we learned

We learned the structure of code and the importance of design and technology\y.

What's next for Geovent

We will include a sign in feature which will allow users new letters which will expand the knowledge of Geovent. We also plan to add various API's.

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