We want to make an augmented reality platform for associating appropriate audio with specific physical locations. To this end, we allow users to draw on a map a region, and associate with that region a Spotify playlist. When you enter a zone, its playlist begins playing.

The impetus behind this project was the idea from 3d platformer video games where different theme music is associated with different areas, and when you cross from one area to another, the theme music changes. As it turns out, being able to do this in real life is incredibly satisfying.

The actual target demographic for this product is anyone who wants music to match the atmosphere of a location: self-guided tour participants, scavenger hunters, runners, or people who just like music but don't like picking out music.

Disclaimer: The current version is a proof of concept, where the areas are merely circles, the playlists are hardcoded, and generally all your hopes and dreams will be crushed. Future versions will fix all this, but also include the ability to see what regions people in your area have defined, and import their maps! Music will be more social than ever.

Disclaimer 2: The linked github source will not run if you try to compile it: It has a hardcoded API key that is tied to my laptop's signing key.


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