Many people living in developing third-world countries aren't able to utilize the advanced Apple-Google Contact Tracing API nationally due to the lack of technological growth in these countries. Folks living there won't have the latest technologies and wouldn't be aware of how to stay safe amidst this pandemic.

What it does

GeoTrace is a privacy-focused contact tracing app that allows one to be aware of their risk level to COVID-19. It does this through linking with establishments and building an aggregate dataset of the locations people would go to.

GeoTrace also allows for authorities and researchers to visualize the places people go to during this pandemic. The dataset could be used as a means for economic growth and law enforcement.

GeoTrace also hopes to encourage privacy practices and trust by collecting no personal information. By using GeoTrace, your data is anonymized and you still get to help your community.

How we built it

To determine one's risk factor, GeoTrace makes use of a Breadth-First Search (BFS) Algorithm to traverse through different interactions with establishments and other users up to the third degree. GeoTrace also makes use of the Google Maps JavaScript API to visualize users' activity through a heatmap.

Challenges we ran into

Our team wanted to add more features while also improving the accuracy and speed of our BFS algorithm though we were pressed on time which prevented us from accomplishing that.

What's next for GeoTrace

To become accessible to more individuals (and to those that still own Nokia 3310s), we'd like to incorporate an SMS API so people with no access to the internet can still help in the contact tracing movement.

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