We experienced first-hand the inefficiency and tediousness of contacting maintenance workers from the city: Friel residence.

What it does

GeoStatus is a web-application to record and monitor infrastructure issues reported by the general public. Using our specially designed software, reports are recorded into a database and pinned on a map accessible to all web users. As a result, residents will stay informed whether the problem they are facing has already been addressed by another client and the status of the repair, allowing residents to feel valued and play a greater role in making their city great.

How we built it

We build this web-application using python for backend development and HTML5, CSS3 and javascript for frontend development, incorporating the usage of user input and a database.

Challenges we ran into

Faulty and ambiguous mysql queries prolonged the backend developing experience. Further backend challenges revolved around dns issues for flask and the digital ocean server. In terms of front end development, the main issue of formatting was prevalent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As beginners in backend and front end developing, we are proud of the end User Interface and User experience aspect of the project. We feel that the layout is not only asthetically pleasing but also simple to use.

What we learned

As a group, we learned more about front end and back end developing aspects: APIs, specific formatting, code conventions and practical applications.

What's next for GeoStatus

We plan to develop the web-application further, introducing more features, locations and services to consumers. We hope to one day turn it into a practical application in the real world.

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