Our team consists of people from different parts of the US and the world! We all have experiences where other people know very little or something false about our culture and identity, and that is sometimes frustrating. That's how we came up with the idea of a project that can educate people on other world cultures and countries, and maybe also help tourists choose a destination or learn about the place they want to travel to after COVID.

What it does

GeoSkill shows you a map of the country you chose, short facts about that country and it redirects you to the most recent google news about the country you chose to keep you updated! There is also a bonus cool feature of trivia - random trivia questions about any place or culture around the world. You can see the answers to check whether you got it right or not, and you can try other trivia without having to refresh the page!

How we built it

We used REST countries API to build the short facts about countries, and embedded the World Trivia API to enable the trivia feature on our app. The majority of the website was built with ReactJs. Javascript was used to integrate the countries api to GeoSkill, and UI was imported from custom designs on Figma. Google Maps API was used to add maps to GeoSkill, which even allows for street view, in case anyone wants to stroll down the streets of Paris.

Challenges we ran into

Some of us didn't have experience with using APIs before, so it was hard to learn it in a short time and build it right away. But we got it figured out after watching tutorials and reading documentations.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Many of us are beginners in coding and hackathons, so it was amazing that we were able to create this project in such a short span of time and incorporated fun features.

What's next for GeoSkill

GeoSkill is very expandable project, where lots of new content can be added so that people can learn more about the world in interactive and cool ways. To gamify the app more, we can add a point system, where for each trivia question you get right, for every news you read, a user can get points and rewards. This would also allow users to register/log in to the app. Using gamification can increase interest in the web and lead to more reach!

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