Actually, the goverment and all the population dont have all ther required information to be able to take good decisions especially in the education.

What it does

It allows the visualization of schools in a very simplified and interactive way, and makes possible to any user to make suggestions and avaliations. Furthermore, it will allow in the comparison between different metrics.

It is a tool to show the school quality which could help to improve the society.

How we built it

We used ruby on rails to develop the backend and angular for the frontend side.

Challenges we ran into

It will be possible to show more indicators and use another databases to obtain correlations that could be useful in the moment of taking decisions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is possible to see the school distribution in a very intuitive way. And also to filter them by differente metrics, it would make possible to manage school investments trying to have the better possible impact.

What we learned

We learned some techniques of data mining, data visualization. We remembered the correct use of the languages like ruby, angular and also sql.

What's next for GeoSchools

The project is very scalable, and it could be extended to show hospital's or transportation information.

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