Our inspiration for the "Chat with Buzz" concept came about as we realized how difficult it could be to find information on the Georgia Tech website. Many other sections of the website have their own chat bots so it only makes sense for the front page of our school website to have one as well.

What it does

The user is asked to input questions they have from everything pertaining from general school information to athletics and EA deadlines for prospective students. After posing the question, Buzz will do his dear best to answer it (though he does sometimes miss the mark).

How I built it

On IntelliJ IDE, we used Code With Me to collaborate on the same class files at the same time, allowing us to maximize efficiency and bounce ideas off each other. We are both taking the same Java level class at this time and we used our knowledge gained from class in this project, building off the ideas of Object Oriented Programming.

Challenges I ran into

We are both new with anything related to graphics and hackathons in general so creating the GUI, though it is a very simple one, was no easy feat. We did as much research as we could online and watched YouTube video upon YouTube video to learn as much as we could. Coming from no knowledge, we are more than satisfied with the end product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From attending The Agency organization lectures (a machine learning club here at Georgia Tech), we applied our basic knowledge of neural networks to our project. Also, it was very fruitful to gain exposure to GUIs.

What I learned

We learned the value of time management when completing a project and how to effectively collaborate on code. We also learned how to adapt open source code into our own program.

What's next for Ask Buzz

Hopefully our next Buzz will be able to learn effectively from itself and the acquisition of questions from the school website.

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