There are a lot of Hackathon Organizers in Georgia, but we are not connected. There are a lot of tech events in Georgia, but they are never heard outside of their schools. I thought why isn't there a bridge that connects tech students and create a tight-knit community to help each other out.

What it does

Georgia Hackers is a bridge:

  1. Connect students to events by creating a calendar page and an email-subscription that lets students know upcoming events (including Hackathons, career fairs, tech talks..)

  2. Connects students to investors by creating a project page for students to promote their products. We will promote them to other students and passionate investors in Georgia.

  3. Connect students to other students by creating a people page that resembles a smaller version of Linkedin. Georgia has business students (e.g. Emory) looking for tech students (e.g. Georgia Tech, GSU) and vice versa. This People page will allow students to stay connected with each other.

How I built it

I built the website and am in process of making an email subscriptions using MailChimp

Challenges I ran into

I had a hard time finding sponsors, but thanks to people at Emory University, I found several sponsors and now have enough funding for social media ads and connections to other investors in Georgia.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hackathon Organizers are ready to connect with Georgia Hackers to publicize to other schools. Individuals at Georgia State University are already contacting Georgia Hackers to post their projects to connect with Business majors at Emory Universities. Georgia Hackers is already acting as a bridge to make Georgia an innovative state.

What I learned

An idea does not have to be an app or a product. An idea is an idea as long as it helps certain people, and I am glad to start Georgia Hackers to help tech students stay connected and to make this tight community in Georgia.

What's next for Georgia Hackers

I am going to start increasing subscribers to the Email list by doing ads on Facebook. Eventually, I am going to let the subscribers know that there is a website and get traffics on there. This is a non-profit organization, and the sole purpose is to help students in Georgia and ultimately the whole world to find a community.

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