Inspiration- We all have an interest in finding geocaches, and so we wanted to see with our passion for computer science if we could make this experience related to the virtual world as well.

The Geopuzzle project is where users can go on a scavenger hunt based on their current location in Google Maps, where the clue to the next location to be found is either inside a video or listed on the app. The goal is to use the clues to get to the final location in the scavenger hunt.

We built this application with React Native as the frontend (running through Expo), and Ruby-on-Rails as the backend.

We had quite a bit of trouble with using React Native to get the current location, because it doesn't have global variables to more easily pass down the location to our View/MapView. There were also a lot of problems with the Wi-Fi going down in the middle of the day and night, and trying to stay awake and focused through the whole hackathon (we are all very sleep deprived).

We managed to get the backend finished, the current location on Google Maps and the location markers for the next location.

What we learned

What's next for Geopuzzle

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