We thought it would be nice if, for example, while working in the Computer Science building, you could send out a little post asking for help from people around you.

Also, it would also enable greater interconnectivity between people at an event without needing to subscribe to anything.

What it does

Users create posts that are then attached to their location, complete with a picture and a description. Other people can then view it two ways.

1) On a map, with markers indicating the location of the post that can be tapped on for more detail.

2) As a live feed, with the details of all the posts that are in your current location.

The posts don't last long, however, and only posts within a certain radius are visible to you.

How we built it

Individual pages were built using HTML, CSS and JS, which would then interact with a server built using Node.js and Express.js. The database, which used cockroachDB, was hosted with Amazon Web Services. We used PHP to upload images onto a separate private server. Finally, the app was packaged using Apache Cordova to be runnable on the phone. Heroku allowed us to upload the Node.js portion on the cloud.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up and using CockroachDB was difficult because we were unfamiliar with it. We were also not used to using so many technologies at once.

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