One day I lost my bike keys and had to walk everywhere for a week, I found my key in another pair of pants later and thought about how many people lose things in their pockets and how nice it would be to see where you had accesed your pockets. That is when GeoPocket was born!

What it does

Geopocket tracks when you access your pockets plops a geotag on google maps and lets you know where the items you've misplaced could be.

How we built it

GeoPocket was built using a Myo Armband to track arm motion, Python to analyze the data, and AGK for an Android / iOS application. Accelerometer data is read from the Myo, processed in Python,

Challenges we ran into

  • 3D Printing
  • Smoothing Data / Noise Reduction
  • Running Matplotlib on the Raspberry Pi -- Not enough GPU power!
  • Networking between multiple hardware platforms and APIs
  • Using and understanding the Google static maps API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the skills we have acquired and further developed while working on this project. From 3D modeling and printing, to cross platform mobile app development, and even new experiences with python libraries, GeoPocket has been a learning experience that we are all proud of. We were particularly impressed to see our app working for the first time, because at that point we had completed what we had set out to do as a team. We had designed the app, constructed the app, pulled sensor data from the Myo armband, and analyzed that data to detect when the user's hand is reaching into their pocket.

What we learned

This project has been a learning experience for all three of us, so we decided to break this section down between the three of us.

Daniel I learned how to smooth datasets in order to reduce the noise from the sensor. Without smoothing the datasets, we were not able to develop an algorithm to find the peaks / valleys in the datasets.

Jordan I learned how to work with 3D printers. Unfortunately I learned sometimes prints don't always come out right the first time and may need to be printed multiple times to get the settings right.

Paul I learned how to use http and socket commands along with the google maps static api.

What's next for GeoPocket

In the future, GeoPocket could utilize machine learning to learn which pockets you are accessing. If you always keep your wallet in your back left pocket, you could be able to look at all the places you reach into your back left pocket.

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