Our original idea for Geophile was a way for event organizers to share their event's schedule with attendees via GPS. The idea was the schedule would only be available to people at the physical place of the event at the time it was taking place. However, we realized that this was a unique opportunity for organizers to provide content beyond information, giving attendees unique content that's only available to those physically attending, beyond just content available widely on the internet.

So we expanded our definition beyond just schedules. Now in Geophile organizers can share bits of text, photos, pdfs, you name it. This gives organizers an extra medium to connect with attendees, one that feels more intimate and immediate than a Twitter profile or website, because it only exists here, at this_event, right now. If you leave the event, you can't see it anymore, and once it's over, it's gone!

We built the app using the Ruby on Rails, Android, and the Google Drive API. Organizers log in with their Google accounts online and create events with a time and a location. On this site, they can share updates—bits of texts like tweets—and resources—files of any type, imported from Google Drive—with their attendees. Attendees then use the Android app to discover events nearby, and see updates and resources of those events. They can even save important resources to their own Google Drive for later.

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