Our pets who stay at home have to stay either inside the house or outside in the yard. If our pets stays indoors it is complicated for them to do their basic needs, they also might play around and make mischief. If our pets stays in the yard, they will be exposed to the weather and other factors. There is a real need to take care of our pets when we leave them alone at home and to be able to interact with them remotely. Pets are alone for most of the working hours of a day.

What it does

Smart access system for pets Pet finder inside home or yard Outside home geofence Dog shelter/pound search Auto-alerts to dog shelters with your pet’s picture if your dog leaves the home geofence Auto facebook post of lost pet, after x min. Auto e-mail to shelter / pound Pet recognition system with august doorbell cam pro Control pet home access (breed) August smart lock Pet health Track pet's activity Dog necessities (poop) Food & water Movement (calories) Illness detection Pet pulse monitoring Nearby clinics notification, current location comparison.

How we built it

To create our project we used differents API'S from Kinship, August and Intersystems, first we worked with the devices to know how can we use them, then we started working principally with Postman to send data from August, Receive data from Intersystems so we can link them, we create a DataBase with Intersystems to have a the Register of users with the pet's ID and User's Email.

Challenges we ran into

It was really hard to integrate in one demo all the things that we developed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to surpass the challenge of image recognition, it seemed like a challenge for the progam to be able to take screenshots of the live feed due to the coding language that we were using, but at the end, we were able to make it work. We're also proud of being able to connect August, Intersystems and Kinship in a single efficient product.

What we learned

Even though it seemed easy to make an automization system to be able to send emails and tweets depending on a certain scenario, we were able to fix some certain issues that we encountered along the way.

What's next for GeoPet H+

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