✨ What is GeoNFT? ✨

GeoNFT is a blockchain-based game where brands and creators can airdrop Geo-location based NFTs. Users need to move around in the real world to collect these NFTs using the clues they get.

GeoNFT is a unique play-to-earn game where users explore places in the real world just like a treasure hunt and earn NFTs. These NFTs can be viewed in AR bringing in a metaverse-like experience.

This platform can be used by companies and creators for branding events and driving masses to their stores, exhibitions, and other such events.

💻🧰 How we built it 🔧🔨

GeoNFT is a mobile dApp made using React-Native. We have used the Moralis Ethereum react-native boilerplate to build the whole app on react native.

The dApp uses Sequence as a wallet to onboard users quickly and let them make transactions seamlessly.

Chainlink VRF is used to assign randomly generated rarity to our geo-location based NFTs

Moralis is used to store all the game information and associated NFTs.

IPFS is used to store all the NFT images and metadata.

Covalent is used to get all the NFTs deployed using the smart contracts so that they can be rendered in the respective games.

The smart contract for the GeoNFTs is deployed on the polygon Mumbai testnet.

Challenges we ran into ❗💡

Building a mobile-first dApp was challenging, we are glad we could get through!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the project in the given time frame

What we learned

We learned how to build a full-fledged mobile dApp using some awesome web3 technologies and tools!

What's next for GeoNFT

We want to go to market as soon as possible and onboard beta users and brands!

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