Geometry Pad is a dynamic geometry application for iPad.

With the Geometry Pad you can create fundamental geometric shapes, explore and change their properties and calculate metrics. The shapes are displayed on a scrollable and zoomable workbook with a rectangular coordinate system. The following tools are built into the application:

  • Move and scale. Scroll the workbook by your finger. Pinch and zoom the content of your workbook. Move and modify shapes.
  • Point. Plot a point on the workbook. Customize point name and color.
  • Line. Create a line. Customize line style, color and start/end points. Calculate line length (distance between points).
  • Midpoint for lines. Show/hide midpoint for lines and polygon sides. Snap to midpoints.
  • Parallel, perpendicular and tangent lines. The lines can be created as easily as regular lines. Just create and move the line until it automatically snaps to parallel, perpendicular or tangent.
  • Angle. Create an angle with up to 1 degree precision. Customize angle line style and color.
  • Triangle. Create a triangle of one of the predefined types: regular, right triangle, isosceles, equilateral. Customize sides style and color. Calculate triangle perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the triangle and length of its sides.
  • Triangle lines. Create altitude, bisector and median lines in a triangle. Calculate length of triangle lines. Customize lines style and color.
  • Quadrilateral. Create a quadrilateral of one of the predefined types: regular, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus. Customize sides style and color. Calculate quadrilateral perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the quadrilateral and length of its sides.
  • Circle. Create a circle. Calculate circle perimeter and area. Easily create circles inscribed into a triangle by placing circle's center close enough to the incenter of a triangle.
  • Circle radius and chord. Create radius and chord lines for a circle. Customize lines style and color. Calculate the length of the lines.
  • Polygons and regular polygons.
  • Arcs and circular sectors.
  • Ellipses.
  • Text annotations. Create floating and pinned single and multiple lines text annotations. Customize text/background color and transparency.
  • Measurements tool. Measure shape properties in single touch. Measure intersection points (line & line, line & circle). Use multitouch to measure distance between points and angle between lines.
  • Transformation tools: rotation, reflection, enlargement and translation.
  • Manual input of coordinates, lengths and angles. Use manual input to precisely locate points, setup custom length for a line or a polygon side, and change angle value.
  • Built-in calculator: basic arithmetic functions, square root, sin, cos, tan.

Manage multiple workbooks at the same time using Save and Load features. In addition, you can share documents through e-mail or Dropbox.

Some of the tasks you can solve with Geometry Pad:

  • Create geometric shapes and measure all its possible metrics like length, angle, area, perimeter, intersections, distance between points, angles between lines.
  • Move/resize geometric shapes and watch how its metrics are changing in real time.
  • Demonstrate circle theorems by creating and changing inscribed and center angles.
  • Demonstrate theorems about incircles and excircles locations.
  • Create and annotate complex geometric figures. Share them through export to image and e-mail features.
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