The inspiration of this project was from the idea of treasure hunt and the notion of the online puzzles that were used for issuing global challenges. This project can further be expanded to contribute to businesses to help them create puzzles and challenges for the candidate.

What it does

The main API used in the app is This allows the app to get latitude and longitude coordinates. The pin marks on the map are stored using firebase. This allows you to have your pins that you made saved along with the message you put in! If your friend puts a message at a location, you can go by that location, and then as long as you have the key, you can read the message! An interesting way to go about sending messages!

How we built it

The app is built with android studio and IDE with utilizing APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Radar API was difficult to work with. We had to limit the amount of time to work with 3 different APIs:, google services, and firebase. We were able to merge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thing work in the end! Given our lack of experience, we were able to make something cool!

What we learned

Aaryan: never used APIs before. We all remote so working together was harder than if we were in person. Github is very important now that we are in different places.

What's next for GeoMessenger

We might plan to implement geofencing.

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