Fight against COVID-19 and respect individual privacy (GPDR), very important for all democracies.

What it does

Track back places where contaminated people visited The information is collected AFTER the diagnoses There is no need for everyone download the app Only the patient need to install the application The Health Authority endorses the solution, your data is protected ate same level as your medical file Over 70% of European population is eligible Solution can be used to monitor other types of diseases Informs population about place with high risk of getting sick CAN BE IN PRODUCTION IN 5 WEEKS TIME

How I built it

With a great team ! Working with specialists of hospital domain Contribution of developers A lot of hours and nights of work

Challenges I ran into

Make it simple so everyone can understand Design the process that ensures data privacy Overcome every possible reason that someone might have to not use our solution

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

See how people get involved Make things easy for everyone Make it affordable for every Health Authority: the buid COST is equivalent to 20 days of Intensive CARE and 50€ per patient

What I learned

Working together is crucial Health is important for everyone in every country It's possible to use geolocation (gps/galileo) with privacy (GDPR) in a friendly way We save money with prevention rather healing

What's next for GeoLoc COVID-19_GDPR-friendly

Make this project visible and understood by Local Health Authorities in Europe Start the deployment as soon as possible.

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