Geolista is inspired by a late-night revelation. "Why is it that some apps will notify you where an upcoming event is, but won't remind you when you're nearby the place?"

What it does

Geolista is a location-aware shopping list. It differs from the regular list applications most people use, such as Notes, S Note, or Cortana. The main difference is Geolista is location-aware, and can not only store where your shopping list is for, but also automatically alert you with your shopping list when you are nearby where you shop.

How we built it

Geolista is built upon a mix of Java and Kotlin. It is designed using Android Studio, and will work across a wide variety of modern Android devices. It utilizes basic design and elements from Mobile Tutors.

Challenges we ran into

Our journey has been fraught with challenges and lessons learned. Working in a relatively unfamiliar IDE and on a new platform led to nearly endless errors, warnings, and new conventions and schema to follow. Our primary struggle was simply getting the APK to successfully compile and run as intended, which in time we were able to both pull off and expand upon our initial ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the progress we have been able to make in such a short time. 24 hours ago, Geolista did not even exist in the mind of any of our team. We went from brainstorming a separate app to creating the idea for and switching gears to Geolista. We have been able to utilize powerful resources within Android Studio and were able to finally resolve longstanding issues we all shared with the IDE.

What we learned

Developing Geolista has been an incredible learning experience. From helping team members download and install Android Studio to reaching out to fellow hackers, we have learned about many topics. Some include Android Studio and setting up its environment, using Kotlin, Android permissions, Android Developer resources, MIT App Inventor, Ionic, Node.JS, interpreting smartphone sensor data, Devpost, Github, and more.

What's next for GeoLista

Coming soon for Geolista is advanced location-aware features, and implementing machine learning to allow the app to both learn your shopping trends and suggest items you usually buy or may like at the stores you usually shop at.

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