We realized that there is no service that would aggregate and visualize data about job postings for different technologies across the US. You could not easily see where in the country your skills are in most demand.

What it does

The project uses StackOverflow Jobs API (RSS feed) to identify the geographical locations where most job postings for the following 5 programming languages are: Java, C#, Ruby, Node and Go.

How I built it

We had to build the frontend that would display the aggregated job posting information in a user-friendly format and it took us several iterations to get where we wanted. We started using the simplest possible approach to make a “proof of concept” app and then implemented it the way we wanted. For the backend, we had to create a client that would interact with two web APIs: StackOverflow Jobs API to get job postings and then with Google Places API to get geographical coordinates of where those jobs are located. Then this data is stored in a JSON file and is feeded to MapBox.

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to make the two APIs work with each other. Also, we had to extensively study MapBox’s documentation in a limited period of time to build a visualization of aggregated job postings.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We leveraged our soft and technical skills to complete the project on time. We became more familiar with the MapBox API and can leverage it in our other projects

What I learned

We learned how to work with MapBox. We worked a lot with converting XML to JSON and extracting specific parts of it.

What's next for GeoJobs

We are planning to collect information from other job posting websites like Indeed, Monster, etc. in addition to StackOverflow Jobs. Also we intend to include statistics about more programming languages. Another improvement opportunity is to display historic data to visualize technology trends over time

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