Seeking for and comparing apartments has always been a tedious and stressful process... Until now! People always check for the big three categories when choosing a new home, i.e. Income bracket of the neighbourhood, how many schools are in the area, and the crime rate. But apartments/houses are not one size fits all! It is very hard for someone to do in-depth research on every potential living arrangement. With GeoHunt, we will create personalized reports for you!

What it does

GeoHunt is a Chrome Extension that allows you to highlight different addresses. Each address you highlight will be compared to your transaction history. If there are things you like at that address, we will let you know!

How I built it

A chrome extension and sweat.

Challenges I ran into

Learning Android was a huge challenge because it seems that much of the code on the internet is a deprecated version! I learned that not many Python libraries worked with v3.x, and that when using many libraries it takes time and research to find out which version of Python would be compatible with each.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a working chrome extension, getting a first iteration of Android app, and learning/getting experience with Node.js

What I learned

It's important to do thorough research on a project before committing to it, and it's important to do research on all the API's and test them to make sure they would give relevant output.

What's next for GeoHunt

Polishing the android app, completing the backend, and fully integrating the backend with the chrome extension.

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