I wanted to build an exciting trivia game experience for players that can offer something for everyone who wishes to test their knowledge of world geography. Through the single-player experience, I sought to build an application that could allow players to engage in friendly competition and learn more about new landscapes and places across the globe. With that goal in mind, I set out to create a multifaceted game able to both entertain and educate players, offering them an intellectually fulfilling experience that will not only amuse but also allow them to reflect on new insights and facts.

What it does

This interactive trivia game will test the knowledge of you and your friends on the rich history and facts of world cultures. Play to see who really has the smarts to call themselves a worldwide expert, while learning something new along the way. Whether it's for a fun time with others or just as a way to pass the time, this trivia game is sure to test your wits.

How we built it

The core frameworks used by the application were those associated with Amazon Alexa, with support from AWS services like Lambda to store all the information pertaining to different questions and possible answer choices. The trivia game components were rendered within the Alexa framework using JavaScript elements.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Geography Bee Trivia

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