I was inspired by a fellow hacker, she used the google API to visualize crime data. My idea was to combine two services to see photos in any location.

How it works

The application is built with PHP, JavaScript, JSON, HTML/CSS, and Twitter bootstrap. It works by typing in a location into a search filed then pressing enter, the rest of the work is handled by the code.

Potential use case ---Police stations can search locations for recent photo activity, adding search options could enhance this idea. ---Look at photos posted to Instagram in places you may vacation. ---View random image galleries from your old/ future neighborhood.

Challenges I ran into

LOTS, I learned all of these skills within the last 36 hours, I've finished JavaScript training on codecademy and got to 47% in PHP. I was unsure how to setup a local host, how to convert XML to JSON nodes, how to manage my time, and how to get everything working together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really happy that I met so many people who are so similar to me, I accomplished having a good time and building a cool project with newly gained skills. I was unable to get my project to work for about 5 hours straight because I didn't know anything about SSL/ Certificate errors, so I asked around. Finally I was able to figure out my problem and have my project accomplish what I aimed to do!

What I learned

A lot, most stated above. I 3D printed something for the 1st time, and worked with a lot of web development tools.

What's next for Geographic Gram

I am going to tidy up the User interface and make it look good, then find a way to have random locations come up, and allow user to only return images with specific #hashtags.

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