Inspiration seen how big of an issue wasted food is because I have been in that position myself where my family had to budget a lot to afford our food

What it does It connects people with lower incomes or those in need with affordable and healthy food

How I built it We built it on python and did some designing on python

Challenges I ran into We had to find ways to organize our system since if we did not plan everything out it would become chaotic

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The idea and how it solves such a prevalent issue in our society today

What I learned I learnt about data bases and about expanded my knowledge in python or etc since I am a beginner.

Since its our first hackathon we also learned a lot about how they are structured and we spent a lot of time brainstorming which showed us how to better manage our time.

What's next for geofoods is to expand throughout the world because food waste is prevalent in 3rd world countries and they suffer a lot from food shortages.

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