If you like fantasy football, you've undoubtedly been through a live draft at some point. These drafts usually are filled with spreadsheets, yelling, people, confusion, beer, and often take hours or longer. Our solution, Geoffrey, was created to eliminate the frustration, headache, and arduous preparation so you can just enjoy the experience with friends and family.

What it does

Play with Geoffrey:

Geoffrey is a cloud software that runs fantasy football drafts. Geoffrey is unique among its peers in that it leverages natural language technology and mobile devices to provide an exceptionally fast, easy, and successful draft experience for the biggest fans of fantasy football.

During the draft, ask Geoffrey to find a player. Or, ask Geoffrey “who is the best receiver currently available?”

At the conclusion of the draft, the entire draft results can be exported as a spreadsheet, PDF, or API connection that will bring your results to any major fantasy platform (CBS, ESPN, etc.).

How we built it

Geoffrey is a cloud software application built leveraging several APIs and hosted on Heroku servers. The core application is built in ruby on rails, coded in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby, utilizes the jquery library, as well as other frontend JS libraries for UI development. Microsoft Cloud AI APIs are used for speech recognition.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a distributed cloud software that live updates to all devices (mobile and desktop) was a new and interesting challenge. What was exciting about getting through this, however, was that the result is actually fun to use. Not only was this a powerful learning experience in building live dynamic cloud apps, but Geoffrey may also run my family's draft this year.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works

What we learned

Building dynamic cloud apps that consume a lot of data is challenging. Merging that software with the right data and providing that in an intuitive graphical interface is a lot to put together in one solution. But if done well the results can be positive compared to current solutions.

What's next for Geoffrey

We need to improve concurrency to make this handle more people and more concurrent drafts. There exists a unique way to leverage native advertising in Geoffrey by selecting a draft “sponsor” at auction start. This sponsor has special access and advertising privileges to your draft, and could be a good way to scale the business in the future possibly alongside a larger media partner.

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