Businesses around the world seek to become more efficient and earn higher profits at lower costs. Why not innovate similar efficiency for charitable causes, helping those in need around the world at near zero cost.

What it does

GeoDonation provides charities with important, non personal geolocation data regarding the regions, times and frequency with which people donate. This allows them to better target advertising meaning they run at lower costs and are able to raise more money for important causes.

How we built it

HTML + JS + CSS for web pages including a custom QR generation and forwarding page, custom charity forwarding pages and a terminal allowing charities to visualise data unique to their donors. Including the use of the Justgiving api to get images and data regarding charities.

Python + Flask for REST api allowing posting and getting of geolocation and donor metadata.

We use Amazon web services to host our web frontend and backend.

Tessel + Node.js for internet connected donation box which detects when users donate and uploads their geolocation and metadata to the ec2 server.

Pebble + Pebble.js for smartwatch app allowing users to retrospectively register their donations.

Challenges we ran into

Building a REST api to interface with our geolocation and metadata storage system using ec2.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to integrate two hardware hacks within our project as well as integrate multiple api's including a custom REST api.

What we learned

Javascript can be painful.

What's next for GeoDonation

Properly test the stack, integrate more features of the JustGiving api, add more data to redirect pages and incentives for users to register their donations retrospectively.

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