Viewing sensor data on a map can sometimes be overwhelming. A lot of times there is way too much data in one area that makes reading the map much harder than it needs to be.

What it does

GeoData Visualizer takes regular CSV files with coordinate and data values and allows the user to adjust the level of detail that is seen on the map. The level of detail is adjusted by grouping nearby points into bins and averaging their data together. The radius and scale of these bins can be adjusted by the user using sliders on the map. GeoData Visualizer not only simplifies the viewing of large datasets, it allows for multiple parameters to be seen at a glance. Each bin of points has both a height and a color, which can be set to average and scale to different columns in the CSV file. Because GeoData Visualizer uses bins to group points, it can handle massive datasets, however points do not have to be put in bins. GeoData Visualizer has been tested with several real and generated datasets and can easily handle over 200,000 points.

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