We believe that connecting with the world around you is one of the most important things one can aspire to do in their lifetime. We also know that circumstances in life often prevent us from doing this. With GeoConnect, we hope to make it so a social connection is no more than a tap away.

What it does

GeoConnect utilizes Google Maps APIs to provide a pleasant user interface for navigating nearby events. The app on your phone also integrates with a website, allowing you to create your own waypoints for others to interact with. You can also import events from services such as Facebook for a more convenient and fulfilling experience. If you enter the radius of a waypoint, you will receive a notification displaying additional information. These notifications can be turned off in the app settings.

How it was built

Our team was partitioned into mobile and web development. While Peter worked with Android Studio and a diverse collection of libraries to develop the GeoConnect mobile application, Kevin and Curtis took on the website, utilizing the LAMP stack to communicate with their share of third party APIs and databases. Both teams coordinated their efforts in order to satisfy the end requirements.

Challenges we ran into

While developing GeoConnect, the team faced 36 sleepless hours of bug-filled development and an endless supply of energy drinks. Every once in a while Peter would check in on the website and find a variable accidentally being redefined or a session being falsely integrated. Kevin seemed to constantly find spelling errors in variables and functions throughout the site's back-end. Also, a new database error would seem to pop out every hour.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being some of the youngest participants in Hack the North, our team exceeded expectations by completing our MVP with more than half a day remaining to polish our final product. Fueled by caffeine and determination, we were able to push through the long days and the even longer nights to deploy what we think is one of our greatest accomplishments to date.

What we learned

We learned that in addition to a crap-load of Red Bull, team-wide communication is the key to a successful multi-platform deployment. An opportunistic mindset is a mindset oriented for success.

What's next for GeoConnect

We see GeoConnect's future as an opportunity for not only the development of our team's technical capabilities, but also for that of modern-day society. We are driven to turn GeoConnect into more than just a simple hack.

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