We drew our inspiration from our own personal experience at MLH! As part of an international program, we were paired with accomplished developers from around the world. Seeing the incredible diversity in our very own program, we wanted to create an opportunity for others to see how wide-spread the employees and members of their organizations are. GeoClusion celebrates the differences in our cultures, and delights in the similarities that bring us together.

What it does

Geoclusion allows organizations to demonstrate their inclusion culture, while encouraging connections between like-minded members. Organizations sign up for a unique id, which they provide to their members to create personal profiles. Members can customize their profiles with their geographic data, food preferences and various hobbies. Other users can then connect with fellow organization members from across the globe using an interactive map. Users can find a new hiking buddy or organize meetups with members in their area.

How we built it

  • We built the react app using typescript, css, and HTML.
  • Leaflet API was used to generate an interactive map
  • GoogleAuthentication was used for sign in
  • C# was used for the backend ASP.NET web API
  • CI/CD workflow was created with git actions

Challenges we ran into

  • We faced some issues deploying the api to azure
  • Timezone challenges led to minimal overlapping hours to have live discussions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given the time constraints and time zone challenges we are very proud of the product we completed. The team worked tirelessly to iron out bugs and implement the features. Teammates picked up new technologies and experimented with tech stacks they have never used before.

What we learned

  • How to create a and deploy a WebAPI and setup a MYSQL database and host it from scratch
  • Setting up CI/CD workflow with git actions
  • Github and peer collaboration
    • Using pull requests for code review and feedback from peers
    • Using issues and project tabs to manage our project
  • Substituting typescript for javascript in the frontend react webapp
  • Collaborating with peers across timezones

What's next for GeoClusion

We’d love to see GeoClusion get additional features, such as sharing capabilitie and collaborative calendar features for setting up meetups!

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