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GeoBingo is not your ordinary game of Bingo. Compete with your friends and community to visit the places on the Bingo board and be the first to get a BINGO! No need for manual verification -- using’s accurate geofencing services, your bingo tiles will automatically be checked off once you have entered the appropriate location.


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Inspiration This application was inspired by the idea of traveling the globe and beyond. We wanted to create an innovative and interactive way to encourage participants to travel the world, discovering new spots while having fun and competing with friends and family. We believe exploring the world while having fun is what makes new connections that drive our world forward.

How We Built GeoBingo GeoBingo was built using Github to house our code and's geofencing capabilities to track each user's location. The team utilized Discord to communicate during the hackathon and Github to share and review code. Inkscape was used for graphics, was used to create the demo video, and many thanks to contributors at for providing stock-free images and video.

Challenges We Faced Creating GeoBingo Time is always a challenge but our team periodically checked in with each other to make sure we are on track. It was challenging to create a website and find a host as we are still new to that process. We had planned to finish and load our app to the app store but our plan had some roadblocks that prevented that goal. We had to debug and troubleshoot our code that was triggering unexpected geofences, we had trouble learning how to host a website and how to connect it to a domain, and we needed to set up websockets via the webhook if we wanted the bingo tiles to update to "done". We did the best we could with the time and resources we had and are very proud of how much we accomplished.

What We Learned The roadblocks we had in the end made us learn the most. Being stuck forced us to seek out help from others, research to find solutions, and even find new resources throughout the process. Some examples that we learned are how triggers geofences and that you can just point your domain to your webhost. We learned how to use, how to manage our time better, how to use Discord more effectively, how to navigate Github, and learned coding techniques from other team members.

A project for the To the Moon and Hack Hackathon

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