We got this idea and concept from the community's anxiety over the spread of a very massive virus. This of course forces us to remain silent at home in order to inhibit the spread of the virus. But there are times when circumstances require to get out of the house be it to buy goods, medicine or whatever. This becomes a fear when leaving the house and heading to a place of distribution out there.

What it does

With these ideas and concepts, each family member can find out the route to go out of the house carried out by each family member. PELUK(Peduli Keluarga) is a family-based application that will make it easier and less worrisome for other family members when someone is required to leave the house for conditions that require it. There are also features remainder where there are reminders when everyone is going out and entering the house.

How we built it

This concept will be built into a mobile responsive website

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge is introducing this project and gaining strong trust for the success of this concept. During the development phase, we encountered several problems.

What we learned

From these ideas and concepts we get a lot of knowledge from how to prevent, protect, and remind what are the things to do if we are already traveling

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