The world's first intelligent, geo-location based promotion engine. That’s right, promotions geared towards your wants and likes and not just what some marketing manager thinks you like:

How you ask? Well it’s quite simple. It starts by

  1. Basic promotions are set up and offered to everyone. Promotions are associated products, regions and of course wherever you are standing!
  2. Well now what? We learn from what you buy and don’t buy.
  3. Your app works for you.

  4. Requirements - There is one mobile app serving both the customers and decision makers. The decision makers enter in their promotions based on products that are within their system. The customers are notified of the promotions when they inquire about a product or are within range of a promotion. After the promotion has run for some time there is reporting capability for the promotions to view their effectiveness and popularity.

  5. Architecture/Design - With a centralized Salesforce database there is a mobile app for customers to receive promotions based on proximity. There is a decision maker application for Administering the promotions as well as viewing promotion effectiveness.

  6. Technical - See attached zip file as well as Salesforce organization, credentials provided.

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