Waste management challenges faced by India are daunting and are causing tremendous damage to public health and the environment. With a growing population, the country faces massive waste management and sustainability challenges due to inefficient waste disposal infrastructure and an increasing rate of dry waste generated every year.

What it does

GEOBIN is started with a vision to reduce waste in landfills by creating a circular economy. We wanted to give them last stage convenience for disposing of their dry waste easily. GEOBIN is deeply committed to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDG) targets well ahead of the globally agreed timelines.

How we built it

Initially we started with frontend, created a suitable template for the webpage. At the same time, we Began working on authentication and other backend works as well. For sms and form creation we worked using Jotform, Twilio and Pabbly. HTML,CSS,JAVA SCRIPT and Bootstrap went into for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Authentication and sending the email to the registered phone number were the biggest challenges. Though, we sorted the issues out, lot of hardwork and time went into it.Twilio and firebase finally worked out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, we are very happy to learn so much through one project,both in Frontend and Backend. We are proud that we could successfully complete of our application which is our aim.

What we learned

We have come to know about many new technologies, about new softwares and many things From the frontend and backend languages.

What's next for GEO BIN

In future, our team would work on expanding the functioning of GEOBIN. And try to render our services Countrywide without any inconvenience to our citizens and our nature

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