Families in rural areas don't have good access to healthcare. Thus, many children are malnourished, and parents don't know how to take care of them. We wanted to solve this in a way that is accessible to all families.

What it does

  • Vaccine Tracker: Vaccines coming up for the child and giving information such as price, number of doses and when to get the vaccine. Mails the user for reminders.
    • Nutritional Guidelines: Nutritional guidelines to help the parents know what type of food their children should be eating. Including examples of foods for carbohydrates, fats, dairy, fruits etc.
    • Food Scanning: Scan the foods their child is eating and get nutritional information about that food. Helps them understand if they are following the nutritional guidelines.
    • Nearest Clinics: Finds clinics near you, with directions and time to go there.
    • Home remedies: Gives cheap and effective home remedies for common health problems. (cough, cold etc)

How we built it

  • Python, Flask, SMTPLib, Heroku, Thunkable (for UI)

Challenges we ran into

  • Building API to connect back-end and front-end
  • Making UI appealing to the user

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • End-to-end product (front-end and back-end) with several complete functionalities.
  • Creating API
  • Integrating Google Maps directions
  • Recognising food to provide nutritional content

What we learned

  • Making API (Flask, Heroku)
  • SMTPLib (sending mails)

What's next for GenZ

  • Adding more features to make the app more useful.
  • Improving user interface

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