We always found horoscopes and other fortune telling applications that we have used to cheesy and not catered to our generation. This is why we took the opportunity to build our own and incorporate references and sarcasm that is more relatable to this generation.

What it does

There are essentially 3 categories you could select questions from; the categories being love, luck and life.When you click on a category, you will receive a selection of 4 questions. These are questions most people tend to ask fortune tellers and are generic in that sense. Once you select a question, you will get a witty and/or sarcastic response in return.

How we built it

We decided to use Javascript on Eclipse as our programming language. We incorporated a while loop and several if statements to accomplish our goal. We also used a main method and multiple other methods to organize our options. This was done to make out code easier to read and understand.

Challenges we ran into

Our first challenge was needless to say brainstorm ideas for what we are going to do. Initially we were going to a program that gives the used a joke a day for the whole year but we felt that there are already main applications that do this. So our final decision was this fortune teller. Secondly, after completing our code we realized that it only allows the user to ask one question so we had add in a while loop to the main method to allow the user to ask as many questions as they chose to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our creativity with the overall idea but also the witty and sarcastic responses to the set questions. We also feel that our presentation is a good demonstration of our program.

What we learned

We built upon our collaboration and critical thinking skills as the code required several aspects of Java to be used together.

What's next for GenZ Fortune Teller

We hope to turn this into an application that can be used by other people as well by using GUI or another kind of graphic interface to bring our code to life.

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