An interactive web application ideally suited for narrowing the gap between student and educator. We also touch upon one of the major problems in the path of learning that sometimes students may not get the proper guidance due to any reasons that might include network issues in rural areas.

What it does

The educator can upload a learning material in the form of text or a document(pdf) as a data source. The students would be able to access this document and ask their queries in a chatbox, powered by GPT-3. Further, the students have the access to the tool where a student basically can request a simplifier form of translation to the complex data, which would again be fetched using a GPT-3 API. Through this application, educators will get to know the top 5 subtopics that are common where students are facing issues.

How we built it

We built using Open AI GPT-3 API for text simplification, summarization and for creating responses based on an input material. We took references for the UI from CodePens and documentation of bootstrap. The Django framework is used in the backend and to make the POST and GET api and connect it with our MongoDB database. jQuery is used to make the API calls from the frontend to the backend APIs and the transfer of data. The MongoDB database is hosted on the cloud as MongoDB atlas and it connects directly with our server. The whole application is hosted on Heroku where it is connected with through our GitHub repo where it gets updated whenever the code is committed and pushed

Challenges we ran into

Integrating everything along with a dedicated backend and database was a challenge. We used Django framework for the first time so we ran into a lot of errors initially but were able to figure it out eventually and able to make our product

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made a unified portal where both the teacher and the student can log in. The student will can easily ask any question on the materials uploaded by the teacher to the chatbot. Incase our chatbot fails to understand and answer a particular query the teacher can view the questions in their dashboard and can take it up for their next class

What we learned

We learned a lot about API calling and making a chatbot using Open AI GPT-3 curie model. We were new to Django framework so we went on learning while applying the concepts.


Our application takes up less internet and can even be used in low internet areas


We have used Open AI GPT-3 models to make our chatbot and the summarizer


Our application is completed end to end with portals for both student and teacher and is connected with a real time database on the cloud and hosted on heroku for easy accesssibility

What's next for GenZ Ed

Enable Insights for student side for better viewing of the queries and simplified study materials Integrate a student evaluation portal for teachers based on the live classes Improve the accuracy of the Query Answers by tuning the parameters

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