We were inspired by challenges we've faced as musicians in collaborating with other artists. We also surveyed musicians for their biggest pain points and found that the market is lacking in a place where both professional and amateur musicians can collaborate together.

What it does

Genus provides a safe, secure place where musicians can collaborate with other musicians. The platform provides a place where musicians can find services for all their music needs.

How I built it

Our tech stack included React and Redux for the front-end, and Express, Node, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL for the back-end. We collaborated using Git and GitHub.

What I learned

We learned that not only is technology important but also having a strong business plan and demonstrating a gap in the marketplace. It was fantastic working with the mentors who brought so much insight.

What's next for Genus

We've created a feature roadmap so that Genus lives beyond the MVP features.

Apologies for the sound. The sound was downgraded when uploaded to YouTube. Here is another YouTube video with a demo of the prototype only:

Thank you so much from the Genus team!

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