We ran another hackathon building bioinformatics pipelines in January, 2015 (repos at github/dcgenomics; paper on biorxiv -- search "hackathon"); it was awesome, so we decided to go further.

What it does

Six repos do a bunch of stuff -- check out the README.mds

How I built it

Inviting colleagues to be team leads. Inviting anyone to apply. Picking teams like fantasy football.

Challenges I ran into

I kept renaming the teams/repos. That was dumb.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Six functional software prototypes, likely equivalent to several person-years of work

What I learned

Little organizational tweaks make hackathons much more productive

What's next for Genomics Hackathons

DC (NCBI) -- January, 2016 Shreveport, LA (LSUS) -- March, 2016 Boston, MA (Brandeis) -- April, 2016

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