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Inspired by our favorite

  • sorting algorithm: gnome sort
  • computer science classroom: the obnoxiously overcrowded biology building known as Genome

What it does

Lost in the human body, all our heroic gnome can do is sort... sort genomes, that is!

Designed for education about genetic disorders and gnome sort, this cleverly-titled game combines the hilarity of gnome sort with the seriousness of cancer.

Genetic mutations are diseases caused by changes in the genetic sequence. In this game we treat the mutation by untangling the altered genetic sequences.

In our game, the player simulates a gnome in a petri dish, sorting human genomes to eliminate cancer-causing disorders.

See help for how to play!

How we built it

We built in vanilla javascript and the phaser game engine.

GitHub generously hosts our project using GitHub pages.

Also including lots of love :heart:.

Challenges we ran into

  • swapping the genes
  • scene transitions (phaser scene usage)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • scene transitions
  • cleanliness of the help site
  • buttons
  • our gnome-sorting players

What we learned

  • how to use HTML/JS
  • how to use phaser
  • git
  • game design

What's next for GeNOME sort

  1. Mobile support
  2. Level progression
  3. More levels
  4. Animations and audio
    • settings to disable
  5. UI/UX
  6. Full-screen
  7. In-house graphics
  8. Stronger theming
  9. Cutscenes
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