The world has been halted with coronavirus being a threat to all of mankind. We wanted to develop an application where scientists have the ability to check to what percentage genome sequences of viruses match.

What it does

What our application does is that it lets scientists input the nucleotide and protein sequences of two viruses, one representing the current virus, and the other representing past viruses. It then parses the documents to determine to what percentage the genome sequences have a match and provides a percentage and graph to output the results. (We were not able to create a video as we were working to the deadline.) Check out our code at:

How I built it

We structured our application around DCP and used it to split up the work of comparing over 1400 genome sequences and make our product a revolutionary application. We used JavaScript in the back-end and HTML, CSS in the front-end.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of challenges working with JavaScript as we were not proficient with the language, but we were able to work together and research whatever our tasks were to complete the project. It was a little challenging working with the DCP because we were not able to split up the work and make our application function how it was supposed to but pulled through and came up with a solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning the importance concepts surrounding JavaScript was great and working DCP was also a great experience as this is a technology with great applications now and in the future.

What I learned

JavaScript, perseverance

What's next for Genome Manipulator

We want scientists to be able to submit multiple file types instead of CSV alone. Additionally, we want to make our genome matching sequence algorithm faster and more efficient to support files with more genome sequences.

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