When I started looking at things to do, I was happy to see there was support for what’s probably my favourite language at the moment, node.js. However, I saw it requires 4 packages to be installed. I also wanted to get OAuth integration working, but the current tutorial I felt just covered running the sample code and not creating your own apps.

What it does

It's a demo Alexa skill showing the GENOME LINK API working in AWS Lambda with no extra modules (uses just https module). I've also written a guide on how to use the GENOME LINK API with Alexa, on setting up Account Linking with OAuth.

The skill involves account linking and returning data about a selection of traits from the API. The skill is currently (06/04/18) under review by Amazon so might not be available publicly yet. If judges want access please message me with the email address associated with your Amazon account and I will add you to the beta tester list & email you a link to access the skill with.

There's another file called keybits.js which should act as a good starting point for building AWS Lambda functions (or just other lightweight node.js applications).

Licensed via The Unlicense into the public domain so hopefully you can build on it!

Challenges I ran into

Initially account linking was quite a pain, but that's the point of the guide!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making it easier to use the GENOME LINK API for future developers and laying the foundations for more impressive applications to be built.

What I learned

How to use the GENOME LINK API on AWS Lambda, how OAuth works and how Alexa Account Linking works. Also learnt a bit of basic genomics because I was interested, however the GENOME LINK API makes it easy to use without any scientific knowledge!

What's next

That's up to other developers. With the code released into the public domain people are free to do what they choose with it pretty much and I hope this spurs development of node.js apps / apps based in the cloud / on microservices. One thing that I haven't explored is the legal aspects of dealing with genomic data in the cloud, for example with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.

I may explore contributing to the genomelink-node library in the future too, perhaps simplifying some of the code or writing more documentation for it.

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