We were inspired to make GenoMatch Because we wanted to reinvent the Dating app, we believe that GenoMatch has the opportunity to take dating to the next level, by taking your genetic sequence, categorizing your personality traits and introducing you to people that are most like you or people that not like you at all.

What it does

GenoMatch takes a person's DNA Genomic sequence and is able to categorize personality traits by using Illumina's Genome Link API. With these genetic personality traits, we engineered an algorithm that is able to match people based on these genetic personality traits.

How was it build

We built this web app using javascript, HTML, CSS, and the Genome Link API

Challenges we ran into

Some initial challenges that we ran into, was setting up the API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment that we are most proud of getting the genetic personality traits algorithm to work

What we learned

We learned that times coding can be challenging and that is important to use your teammates as a resource

What's next for GenoMatch

GenoMatch is very much still in its beta stages, But we would like to see GenoMatch turn into a full time web app

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