By 2020, Households are expected to have more than 100 connected devices, there are many ways to control them like apps and smartHome assistant like the amazon Echo, but remembering more than 100 name can be tricky, and you need to be very creative to assign them names that make sense, and you have to teach them to every member of the family.

In the house where we tested the Genialix Cube, we have more than 170 connected device including lights, blinds,heating, tv's, watering systems. we have been thinking about a way to control them in a better way and it hit us when we first heard about the Intel Hacks

What it does

The Genialix-cube is a cube of six faces, each face can control a type of smart home devices like lights, blinds, curtains ,music, tv, heating and so on, so if you want to the light turn the cube the light face, to dim the light simply rotate the cube left and right.

Each face of the cube has a 1.3 " Oled display which shows the the icon of the type of device, the name of the room, and the name of the alliance in that room, Taping one the left and right faces changes the room, and taping on the front and back faces changes the alliance, rotating changes the value which is shown by the Oled ring.

for music and tv, taping up and down can change channel/song, taping left and right changes playlist, rotating changes the volume, taping on the top face could be use for mute or play.

How we built it

Genialix Cube is a cube with six faces, each face is equipped with a 1.3" led display, a 16 RGB led neopixel ring, both are controlled by an arduino pro mini acting as a graphic card, which are controlled by the GENUINO 101 through serial.

There is also and esp8266 which is also connected to the board via serial, it transmits all the data from the master to the server via MQTT,

We have an in-house server (raspberry pi) running a version of nod-red and an MQTT server.

Each action made on the device is sent to the server in a json format.

The hole structure of the device has been 3D printed.

The cube can be charged wireless.

What's next for Genialix Cube

There are alot of thing we are planning to add the Genialix Cube and here are some:

Auto Select appliances: using build in bluetooth and bacons around the house, this way we can determine exactly where the device is and there for auto select the appliance.

Follow me feature: the device can toggle device acourding to the user location as he is walking.

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