A genome-based Meetup recommendation engine built on React, Node.js, Express and Webpack. It uses the Genomelink and Meetup APIs.

How it works

The app gets your genetic reports through Genomelink. Then, for categories in which the user scored a 3 or above (I converted to a 1-5 scale for a better user experience), I make a call to the Meetup API to gather events in the user's location that fall under those categories.

How to run

The app can be run locally using the instructions below. The source code is located at the Geney github repo.

Running the app

$ npm install
$ export GENOMELINK_CLIENT_ID=<your_client_id>
$ export GENOMELINK_CLIENT_SECRET=<your_client_secret>
$ npm start

then, visit

What's next for Geney?

In future editions of this app, I would like to add a chat room of sorts, so that people who share the same scores and predispositions can chat, either to plan a meetup together or even as a support group. The ultimate goal is for Geney to help you find a community too!

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