Crops can be genetically engineered to live around some pretty nasty chemicals, but not all GMO's are bad. It doesn't matter what herbicides and pesticides are used in the valuable biofeuls sector, but livestock feed with trace quantities of fat soluble pesticides could lead to high pesticide concentrations in the food we consume. In order to verify that our crops were not modified to enable pesticide and herbicide tolerance, we need a decentralized platform for genetic purity verification.

What it does

The site offers the resources a consumer or farmer needs to review their FASTQ files against known herbicide and pesticide resistance genes.

How I built it

The site is hosted on AWS

Challenges I ran into

Limited datasets available to profile Smith-Waterman algorithm with small reference library.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Set up the site for people to gather resources from.

What I learned

I surveyed the fertilizers and pesticides currently dominating the market and found the genetic targets which

What's next for Genetic Sanctity Project

Implement user profiles for forum, enable uploads, add more crops/genes.

Built With

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