We feel the urge to help pediatric patiens and vulnerable ethnic groups in Ecuador to resist the COVID-19.

This project studies a polymorphism related to the expression of ACE II enzyme, which is the entry port in a cell for the virus (SARS-CoV-2). Due to this polymorphism, some populations are more affected by COVID-19 than others.

We have a team of medics in the hospitals, who have reported that the patients living in high altitudes, with genetic variabilities, contract or pass COVID-19 to each other in different rates and intensities.

High genetic diversity in Ecuador ethnic groups makes it difficult to health care teams plan and execute prevention and health care.

There are already databases with information of the patients with pulmonary problems, correlated with information about their ethnic origins, place of living and other data.

Each ethnic group should receive care focused in different areas of sensibility. This prediction could help health providers better distribute their resources.

We need money to learn about the specific variabilities at a genetic level. Everything related to genetics is expensive and needs complex equipment and expert personnel..

Built With

  • databases
  • dna
  • genome
  • health-care-centers
  • hospitals
  • information
  • laboratories
  • sequencer
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