There are many kinds of lightweight markup languages such as Markdown, reST, asciidoc or はてな記法 (Hatena-kihou: a markup language for Hatena Diary). And there are also many parsers for each specific languages. However, because all languages were generally made to be converted to HTML, their structure is actually similar. They have headings, list, anchors, code blocks and so on.

What to Do

So, what I want to make is a perser that can parse those lightweight markup languages giving the specific parsing syntax by framework users. Then the parser makes a Swifty structured model from a lightweight-markedup string. As the implement time in the hackathon is limited, I'd like to focus on making this framework as Swifty as possible rather than performance and exhaustive. If we have enough resource, I also wanna make a neat GUI app in macOS or iOS for demonstration.


  • Mac & Xcode to develop
  • Foundation (e.g. NSRegularExpression)
  • (Cocoa / Cocoa Touch for GUI app)
  • no external 3rd-party frameworks


Person who likes handling string or regex. As this project doesn't require any specific 3rd party technologies or minor frameworks, I suppose it's also good for Swift beginners.

もともと Slack に書いた内容 (下の日本語を埋めるまでの参考用): Markdown パーサは数あれど、それだけじゃなく ReST やはてな記法など様々な軽量マークアップ言語の定義を与えるとそれを struct みたいなモデルにしてくれる、みたいな。私自身は macOS app 開発者なのですが人数が集れば macOS と iOS などデモ用にマルチなプラットホームのガワも作れるかもしれません。 とうことで、もし乗っていただける方がいらっしゃれば。メインは正規表現で文字列をいじりまわすことになると思います。が struct や protocol など Swift らしい書き方ができればと。






  • 開発用の Mac & Xcode
  • Foundation (NSRegularExpression など)
  • (GUI アプリケーションを作る場合: Cocoa / Cocoa Touch)
  • 3rdパーティのフレームワークや技術は使わない

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