We were reading up on big-data science and statistics but got bored by chapter 2. Our focus moved away from trying to visualise trends to simply making pretty art instead. Unfortunately, both of us stopped drawing professionally at age 7 and our skills haven't developed since then.

What it does

It takes an aggregated data-set provided by Nationwide and animates the income, outgoings and balance over time into a so-called polar-coordinates-color-overlay-awesome-graph.

How we built it

Javascript + Magic

Challenges we ran into

Fuchsia vs Magenta...

Accomplishments that we're proud of...

Realising that neither Fuchsia nor Magenta were suitable and instead choosing Mauvish Crimson.

What we learned

Color theory is hard.

What's next for Transaction Nebulae

The ability to throw new data at the running program in real time and have the graph(s) keep getting drawn. This could also be adapted for stock market visualisations.
Making it work in ($browsers - $browsers[chrome]) would be cool, too.

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