I was inspired by 90's geometric art. The images created feel adjacent to Memphis Group patterns. I was also inspired when I read this medium article, earlier this month. I made a conscious effort to make the colors color-blind-friendly. Art should be accessible.

What it does

Randomly generates art and saves it in a .svg file. The background color, number of shapes, and types of shapes are all randomized.

How I built it

I used python 3 and pycairo to make the project. I utilized Object-Oriented Programming concepts to create different objects that would add different shapes to the canvas.

Challenges I ran into

  • Creating Algorithms that made visually pleasing art
  • Getting PyCairo to work properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Making something similar to what could be found in modern art museums

What I learned

  • How vector graphics use mathematics to create a lossless scalable object
  • Deeper understanding of implementing classes in python

What's next for Color-Blind-Friendly Generative Art

  • Create more interesting designs using Vector Mathematics
  • Interface with a website to create downloadable .svg and .png files

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