My Inspiration: GenerationStory was created to tell the story of family collections and treasures. Small or large, every object has a story and a place in time and history. We created a simple, easy way to organize family treasures and share their story.

GenerationStory is connecting the past with the future. Technology can now bridge the gap from generation to generation. For the next generation, organize your collection and share your story.

How It Works: —Capture history, capture your story, share. —Upload or photograph on the spot image of items. —Upload historical family photos. —Type in date, person and place of origin. —Tell your story. —Share your stories with your closest family and friends on Facebook. —Produce a printed photo book of your story and items with Mosaic. —Search and organize by item, date or family member. Share & Customize: Discover, document and share your family story with ease. With GenerationStory you can include an item from your collection including family photos and stories. Want to share your collection? You can invite family and friends and share yours. Publish: Want to publish your collection? Through GenerationStory’s printing partner, Mosaic, you can connect and easily upload your images and stories to create your own customized Family Gallery Book. It’s that easy. Mosaic printing fee applies.

Creation: Built with an amazing design and development studio, who brought my concept to life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Creating a simple, easy way to organize family stories. GenerationStory was created to help tell my Family Story.
It all started with a family tree handwritten over 150 years ago. GenerationStory can help us map our points on the continuum of our family legacy and its future.

What I learned: By building relationships and forming quality partnerships one can build a highly marketable product.

What's next for GenerationStory: Marketing the GenerationStory brand to people of all ages around the globe.

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