I have been upskilling my selves in the field of RPA using UiPath Academy and in Process of Learning, I got an Idea where if this kind of Bot is available to the Educational Institutions it can replace lot of Repetitive and Calculation tasks.

What it does

It reads the data from the Marks of students which are in Excel files, Generates Progress Report Card and Sends the PDF Format of Report card through Email to the respective guardian

How I built it

I had used all the essential Activities like Sequence, Read Range, For Each Data Table, Multiple Assign, Word Application Scope, Click, Type Into, Send HotKey, Save Word File, Export to PDF, Get Password, Send SMTP Mail Message.

Challenges I ran into

There are very small Challenges where I ran into, Sometimes the Bot does not recognize the Elements later I had reselected the elements so that it works absolutely fine.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been developing bots for the last three months and I feel I had developed a lot of skills which are very essential in coming days

What I learned

Using this kind of Bot we can Automate lot of Tasks done by Administrative people in the Universities, Organizations, Schools etc.... This kind of Bot is used in both Attended vs Unattended Automation if required. There is a huge amount of revenue can be saved with this kind of Bot.

What's next for Generation of Child Progress Card and sending mail to Parent

We can publish it to the Orchestrator so that we can deploy it remotely and operate when we are unavailable at the moment or when we are out of the station.

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